Friday, December 14, 2007

Thoughts Become Things...the universe

By the simple act of thinking, Erika, vortexes are created, invisible energies are applied, and circumstances begin creeping to make real what was previously just imagined. This supernatural pull of your thoughts continues long after you think them, whenever there follows intent, expectation and action; moving mountains, parting rivers, and doing the "impossible" until there is the inevitable manifestation.

This is how your "thoughts becoming things." How they physically become things in a dimension that already exists, with billions of players and massive momentum. Not by appearing out of thin air, but through a manipulation of such forces in the unseen that literally begin shifting, morphing, and arranging all of the elements in your life so as to deliver to you the nearest equivalent of what you've been thinking. In other words, the "law of attraction."

"Thoughts becoming things" explains the law of attraction. It's why there is a law of attraction. And unlike any other 3 words in all the vocabularies of all the languages in the world, "thoughts become things" tells you exactly where you fit into the picture, as the thinker, the decision maker over what you will think about, revealing your power as a supernatural, all powerful, unlimited, CREATOR.

But, of course, many prefer not to think of themselves as so phenomenally powerful.

The Universe

I love these notes and they are so on target most the time...seems so strange but almost always they are right where I am and just what I need at the time...

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Today I dance...

You can "dance" with the illusions of time and space, Erika, choosing your "steps" based upon things and events as they now are, or you can dance with your dreams, choosing your "steps" based upon things and events as they will be.

And I bet you can guess which steps will perpetuate today's illusions, and which ones will change everything...

The Universe

Sunday, December 9, 2007

Two goals met- I drove today...yay

I have another blog and that blog is focused on my journey through my fears, especially my fear and phobia of driving and so that one is a bit more lengthy on the subject. This blog is a bit more general where I express other aspects of my journey to trusting God. I am excited, I actually accomplished my small goals today. I drove, not very far but I did do it and I will do it again tomorrow in very small steps. I have much to work on but I feel determined and as long as I keep taking actions and steps towards these small goals I will move forward and perhaps I am becoming that which I hope to be. I don't have big dreams right now, it is enough that I have any dreams at all and that I am focused on staying in the solution to achieve them. It isn't easy but it is the only way that I may become all that I hope to be...mostly free, someone that trusts and loves God, someone with courage, someone that gives and brings to others and someone that loves and is loved. These are my dreams today and just for today in this moment- this is enough. That is a miracle

The First Step and Writing my own script....

I have decided that I will write my own script rather than waiting for someone else to do it(which is highly unlikely) and rather than allowing the script to write itself completely. I do have some power and with that power comes responsibility for myself and my actions.

The first step....the story and theme of my life is the first step. Along with the first step "powerless etc..." there is a first step in many areas. I am choosing to not wait until tomorrow, but to start today. The first step in a "clean house" means that I have to take the action in order to have a "clean house." That is where my day begins- today I am cleaning house. I want my home to be a reflection of my inner and outer self and while that is true at the moment- complete disarray and chaos...I have to power and resources to change this and so I am today and my home will be inviting and safe and warm. YAY!

The next first step in overcoming my fear of driving is to set small attainable goals in which I can succeed. No matter how small it is in the willingness and action to set them and follow through that I may eventually reach the end goal. So today in addition to a clean house...I am going to go outside and into the truck and sit in the drivers seat and turn on the ignition. I will sit there for at least 15 minutes and become comfortable with the vehicle and I will do this each day until I am able to actually move the vehicle. Maybe even next weekend I can have a friend or my stepdad take me to the parking lot and drive around there..but that is getting to far ahead..for today I will take small action and accept that it is where I am at today. I will accept that it is okay to be where I am and who I am today. I will report back on both these goals for the day. (as if people are reading this lol)

And finally my last goal for the day is to go to a meeting and stay sober- actually that is my first goal but I didn't write it till it ends up at the bottom of the list.

I have already meditated this morning and prayed and so two goals are already met. Good stuff..I am sure I will do more praying and meditation throughout the day...

Nightmares and Late night phonecalls

I am awake and 3:41am. After an hour or more of meditation last night I fell asleep finally only to awake a few moments ago by this very strange nightmare. Most of what I remember of it was that these insect like things attacked my hands and dug pincher like things into my fingers and would not let go the pain excruciating. I can actually physically still feel the sensation right now as I type.

After I awoke I hear the familiar vibration of my cellphone and oh how I had hoped it was someone different than who it was. Of course it wasn't and so I promptly deleted the frickin number. Part of me wanted to answer, but tonight and this morning I am choosing something different. I want a better life a real life with value, I life where I am grateful and giving and answering that phone will not allow for such a life.

Goodnight again....and thank you Universe....